Retail Opening Dates

Future Retail Opening Dates as of 10/13/17:

  • MOD Pizza - October 20th 2017
  • District Taco – November 2017
  • Burtons  -  January 2018
  • Gold’s Gym – January 2018
  • Jersey Mikes – End of 2nd quarter of 2018
  • Habit Burger – Mid-2018   
  • Hyatt House Hotel – Early 2020  


  1. Thanks for doing the blog. My husband and I may be moving to the area and are doing some research on housing. Just ran across the chat about the Riverdale development. Am looking forward to reading more. We are going to be going back to DC in a couple of weeks so my husband can talk to the people who are interested in hiring him. How war along are they on the condos/houses? Do they have one level places?

    1. None of the apartments/condos that will be here are built yet... only 40 of the townhouses are completed. All of the townhouses are 4 levels.