Our Selections

Structural selections:
  • -          Parker Floorplan  
(read my previous post:   http://riverdaleparkstation.blogspot.com/2017/03/dearth-of-cassidys.html)
  • -          Upgraded exterior elevation.
  • -          Gourmet kitchen.
  • -          Alternate third level floorplan allowing for two full bathrooms.
  • -          Loft wet bar.
  • -          Atrium doors.
  • -          Lowered Garage.

$23,000 in total non-structural options
Major non-structural options we selected in order of cost: 
(Only items over $1000 listed) 
  • -          Level 2 kitchen cabinets. (these are many times more expensive than anything else.)
  • -          Level 2 Hardwood on entire flex space/entrance level.    
  • -          Level 2 Hardwood in Kitchen/Living Room and stairs up to bedroom level.
  • -          Level 1 carpet and Level 2 pads on upper two levels. 
  • -          Granite upgrade for the loft wet bar.
  • -          Backsplash for kitchen.
  • -          Bathroom tile and bathroom cabinet upgrades.
  • -          6 additional recessed lights.  (2 in flex space and 4 in living room)
  • -          3 hanging lights above island, under kitchen counter lighting and wiring for 3 ceiling fans.


  1. Hi,

    Enjoying your blog! Did you find that you made changes to your wish list between your two design studio sessions?

    Thanks so much!

    1. What's funny is I did not know there were two sessions. I was trying to get everything into one when I found out I could come back later. I guess you bought at Riverdale as well? We removed a few thousand in items between the first and the second session. For example we had upgraded the cabinets in the wet bar and had brushed nickel fixtures throughout the house but we took both of those items off. Going down from brushed nickel to chrome on all fixtures saved quite a bit.

    2. Do you still plan to post pics of your design choices?

    3. Also...are the sliding doors standard or upgrade and are there sliding doors on both the second and fourth levels?

    4. Yes... I will post pictures of all the selections. I believe the sliding doors are standard and the Atrium doors are an upgrade from looking at the contract, so I actually have that wrong in the post and I will correct it (I put “Atrium sliding doors” which does not make sense)... a side note is we did not get to select the specific structural options since we choose building two which was only days from going vertical and those selections had already been made by the builder... We did get to choose from 4 units with different structural selections. (those were the 4 of 17 that were left when we deciding at the start of February.) I think if you have a contract earlier in the game you can select all of your structural options as well but we are happy with what we got since we picked a unit that had almost all of the structural upgrades. I am getting ready to post some more pictures in a few.

  2. Thank you for your response! I had not responded earlier to yours as it did not appear my original question posted, so I did not think to check back in. Thanks for the insight. That is really helpful (re: fixtures).

  3. Hi MDRE,

    So I think we'll be neighbors soon!!! We really like the house already and will likely to put the offer tomorrow. I'm curious a bit though, did you try to negotiate the price with them at all? Plus, can I know how much they charged for the exterior upgrade in your case? If you don't want to share these information, that's totally fine. Just thought I might ask someone before actually paying for it.
    Thanks so much!!!

    1. Beryl,

      I'm not signed in to my MDRE account on my phone but it's me.... that's great that you may be making an offer! We negotiated a bit... but the exterior elevation upgrade they would not budge on and ours was $7500. You considering building three or building four?

  4. HI MDre,

    Thank you for the useful information. You have put together a great blog. I am looking into moving into the community. How would you rate the noise level house-to-house? I know you mentioned the CSX train can be noisey but you can hear that train pretty much anywhere in Hyattsville. I'm more concerned with hearing neighbors. Thanks!!

    1. Maybe I just have quiet neighbors but I have never really heard either of them... Only thing I have ever heard is when the kids next door are running up the stairs to the loft.

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  6. Great blog! We are looking into purchasing a home in building #8. One thing we are having a really hard time with is pricing potential upgrades... how are we supposed to price out our home if we don’t know what upgrade options are available to us AND how much we should be prepared to spend? It’s been frustrating...

    1. That is frustrating.. They will provide you details but you have to pry it out of them. I was able to get a decent idea before I signed but I had to fight for it. I would pencil in $20,000 worth of upgrades. See this post... http://riverdaleparkstation.blogspot.com/2017/03/upgrades-design-studio.html

      Now there are a few completed units with options available for sale so you can look at the base price and then see what they are asking and reverse engineer the upgrade costs that way.