Saturday, May 27, 2017

Construction Update:

Building two looks completely done now with even the small details taken care of.  (which is good since we are closing next week)

Building three has now been wrapped and appears to still be almost exactly two months behind building two.

Still nothing at all down at building four.  I would think if they were going to be keeping the spacing of completion of the buildings the same that we should see building four go vertical in early June which would mean that one would be finished in October.   

There was a lot of progress on the retail buildings recently.  

This is the front of what will be the office building (on the top level) and the MOD Pizza and District Taco...   Notice the "Riverdale Park" they just added.  You can see the new clock tower on the right side of this picture as well.

This is the back of the same building, what will be the MOD pizza.  Exterior looks completed.

This is the front of the Gold's Gym building... the retailer for this one has not been announced yet.  (listed as "under negotiation")

And here is a picture of the Gold's Gym itself.   A great deal of progress on this in the past 2 weeks.

It's all coming together but I am thinking it is still going to take a while to get these things open for business.  Building out the interior of even the completed buildings is going to take a few months at least.   I will attempt to get estimated opening dates for these businesses and post it to the blog.  I would be shocked if Gold's was opened before 2018.  We may get the Burtons, District Taco and MOD Pizza in Fall 2017 though.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Lull in the blog and in Riverdale Park Station

There really has been zero news out of Riverdale Park Station recently.   Building three looks roughly the same as it did on my May 14th post except the roof is completed and building four has still not went vertical.

It appears there is still one unit left for sale in building three and it says it is for "August Delivery" which means building three is closing in August as we thought.  They removed the "for sale" sign in front of the "Move in Ready" unit in building #1 but it's still listed on the website so I am not sure it is sold yet.   Possible the website just has not been updated.

I am surprised we have not had another retail announcement since the Whole Foods is now open as I thought we would hear something in May but I guess when the buildings are not even ready for a tenant yet and there are only 2 townhouses in the community being lived in retailers are not going to be jumping to sign leases.

It appears they are putting the finishing touches on the first two retail buildings so I am thinking we will see one of them next, probably the Burton's will be the next thing to open.   They turned the tower coming out of the Burton's building into a clock tower which I like.

Although there has been a lull in this blog the last 10 days and I have seen the web traffic fall off it's about to pick back up as I have my walk through next week on May 31st with our closing on June 5th.  

The entire building two is closing in June (11 units) which should bring Riverdale Park Station to life.
I will post pictures of our selections once I have my computer hooked back up!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Construction Update:

The front three buildings facing Baltimore Avenue look completed at least from the exterior.  These will be the Burton's restaurant, the District Taco/MOD Pizza building and the building that they have not announced who the tenant is yet.   (Under Negotiation)

The also finally finished the entrance sign.  You can see the front of Burton's behind the sign here.

Building three is still moving along.   They have finished most of the roof now:  (see below)

Building two looks the same as before and still nothing at all down at building four.  (although I know they are selling it)

The hiker biker trail is still closed right now as well.  Let's hope they open that up soon.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Sidewalks to Albion Road:

Folks in the blog comments were asking about if they would build the sidewalk to Albion Road.  

Until the Hiker/Biker trail is open this is desperately needed as folks cannot get to the metro without walking on Route 1 and as the reader mentioned even if the Hiker/Biker trail is open this sidewalk SHOULD be built.

Currently there is around a one block gap where the sidewalk ends for Riverdale Park Station and the next road intersects with Route 1.   (see area in red below)

On the new website they recently added this information:

Pedestrian Access:

"Sidewalks will be installed along the entire property frontage of US 1 and along the WMATA property frontage from the Cafritz Property to Albion Road."

So good news that they WILL be building this to make the community more walkable.  No timetable was given but good to know it is planned.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Other Riverdale Park related websites:

On the “Riverdale Park Station Info” tab of this site I already linked the most important Riverdale Park Station related links:

Those sites are the retail leasing agent for the community, the developer for the community and the builder for the community.

But some other sites I have found in my constant trolling for more information are:

New website the developer put together regarding transportation around Riverdale Park Station.

They go long stretches without posting anything (3 posts total from December to March of this year, no posts at all for 7 months last year) but they have been posting some really good information about Riverdale Park Station recently and also have been posting more lately.   I’ve been visiting this one more often over the last few weeks.

Another “google blogger” blog like this one that is updated on a very regular basis and has good info about local events by a lady who is local.  I found this one from a comment posted on this blog.

Hyattsville Newspaper website.

Prince George’s Newspaper website

Town of Riverdale Park website.  Good for general info about the town.

Are there any others that I am missing?  Please let me know in the comments.   

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Construction Update:

Building #2 is in the same spot it was last week... completed on the outside but missing some external finishing touches like the dormer windows siding.

Building #3 is actually a bit further along than I thought it would be:  

I asked about what is going on with building #4 and they told me they just got the permits finished last week and are now selling building #4.  I did not take a picture as there is nothing visible yet but I saw they were working on that area.  

Another note is the Whole Foods is finally as crowded as you would expect a normal grocery store to be on a Thursday night.  It seems the initial hype has tapered off but it is still doing well. 

Also Unit #3 which is in building #1 which was available when we were looking is still for sale.  We did not choose that one even thought we wanted to move in sooner because it is directly next what will be the models at least for 18 months.  Still it is a Parker with most of the structural upgrades and good amount of design studio upgrades so I think they will move that one soon to someone who does not want to wait for building #4...