Monday, February 27, 2017

Why Riverdale? – Part 4 of 5

Item #4:    Large townhouses with open floorplans and rooftop decks:

First positive is that Stanley Martin is the builder of these townhouses and they have a reputation of being a builder that is one step up from a so called “Production Builder” like Ryan, Pulte or Lennar.

Although the models were not ready yet when we were looking at the start of February we were able to do a hardhat tour of two of the units in the first building.  (Units 4 and 5 which will eventually be model units once completed in March)

Even though they were not finished we could tell the rooms looked large and the floorplans very open.

The thing we liked the most was the loft with adjoining rooftop terrace.   The terrace was spacious and very private since it was overlooking the woods and had walls up to separate you from your neighbors.  Since the land behind the first row of units (1-39) are all owned by metro there is no possibility that they will be built on.  Also for the first three buildings the metro is not even in the backyard since it curves away.  (although this is not true for units 31-39)

The Cassidy floor plan is the only plan that fully met our requirements (3 bedrooms, 2 car garage, walk-in closets) but unfortunately it seemed like everyone else felt that way as well.   I will do another longer blog post about this in the future.

Still… even the smallest plan of the three (Dawson) still had nice open floor plan with 2 good sized bedrooms with a loft area that would work as a guest space along with a very respectable 1870 square feet and all 3 models had the private outdoor terrace.

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