Friday, March 3, 2017

Another Price Hike and Third Building Going on Sale.

The third building (Units 18-30) in this complex is finally going on sale. 

When I looked at the site plan this was my favorite building as far as where it is situated in the community.  (far from train tracks, far from Baltimore Avenue and nearest to bike trail) but since this was not going to be ready until Late Summer/Fall it would not have worked for us.

Also they just did another $5000 price hike on all three floor plans.

The pricing history on the middle floor plan (Parker) has been:

12/9/16:   $440,000
1/22/16:   $450,000
3/2/17:     $455,000     (Price change has not propagated to Zillow yet)

Unfortunately for me I contacted them right AFTER the first 10k price hike but at least prices are still rising and I expect we will see more adjustments upward before the development is completed.

I am surprised they are still keeping the $25,000 spread the floor plans considering the overwhelming demand for the Cassidy floor plan.  

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