Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Our Selections:

These are the options we went with: 

Structural selections:
  • -          Parker Floorplan  
(read my previous post:
  • -          Upgraded exterior elevation.
  • -          Gourmet kitchen.
  • -          Alternate third level floorplan allowing for two full bathrooms.
  • -          Loft wet bar.
  • -          Atrium Sliding Doors.
  • -          Lowered Garage

$23,000 in total non-structural options
Major non-structural options we selected in order of cost: 
(Only items over $1000 listed) 
  • -          Level 2 kitchen cabinets. (these are many times more expensive than anything else.)
  • -          Level 2 Hardwood on entire flex space/entrance level.    
  • -          Level 2 Hardwood in Kitchen/Living Room and stairs up to bedroom level.
  • -          Level 1 carpet and Level 2 pads on upper two levels. 
  • -          Granite upgrade for the loft wet bar.
  • -          Backsplash for kitchen.
  • -          Bathroom tile and bathroom cabinet upgrades.
  • -          6 additional recessed lights.  (2 in flex space and 4 in living room)
  • -          3 hanging lights above island, under kitchen counter lighting and wiring for 3 ceiling fans.

I will post pictures after this is finished but before furniture.


  1. Hi there,

    I've just found out about Riverdale Park Station and I'm super excited already even before seeing the house because the location is perfect for me. To be honest when I looked at your criteria list, 90% of it is like mine lolol. I made an appt. with the management to see the house this Saturday already and I'm reading all your posts to prepare for that visit haha. It's been very helpful!!!
    Quick question regarding the options actually; what are the additional costs for your structural options? So if they said they'll have a house available shortly, can you still make those structural design/change?

    1. Beryl,
      Glad you are finding the blog helpful.
      I started looking in February of 2017 before our building even went vertical (only the foundation was in) yet the structural selections were already made for that building. I believe in order to make those selections you would have to be in super early... I am thinking by now even building four (which only has the foundation in) has probably already had the structural options already made. It's all negotiable but shouldn't add too much to the starting price. Now if the design studio selections have already been made that will increase the price more. Those might already be made for all of building three by now.. If not now they will be very soon as I see they are already working on the interiors of that building. I will post more when I finally have internet! :)

  2. haha, you replied a lot faster than I expected from someone who doesn't have internet! I'm thinking the available units they told me are from building #4. I really really hope that there's still a Cassidy with only 2 bedrooms on the upper floor available (fingers crossed!!!).

    1. I have internet at work and I get an email when someone comments... :)

      I would be surprised if there is a Cassidy available as they have been sold out of those for so long... although I know they just listed the Cassidy model unit. When I looked in February they had a waiting list 13 people long for Cassidy's.. We are finding the Parker has plenty of space though.

    2. Hi mdre,

      In one of your posts, you said you moved in a bit later than what they promised originally. Did you try making them sign any "no later than date" addendum? I'm just afraid that what if they deliver 2 months later than what they promise me right now (October) and we will be homeless for 2 months. Also, I have couple of other questions that I'd wish to ask you via email. If you don't have time, that's totally fine. Let me know :)
      Thanks so much though!

    3. Beryl,

      Congrats! Guess that means you are in building four. I did not ask for that addendum but as I have watched the progress of the first three buildings and have a pretty good idea how long it takes for them to build these things now. They had told me May but it ended up being June 5th so not too far off. I think building four will close at the end of October or maybe into November at the latest. I'm fine with answering questions via email but don't want to post mine out here. If I ever get internet I will add a "contact me" function to this website.

    4. Hi MDRE,

      So can I know your email address? Mine is I just want to know your thoughts on the mortgage process.
      Thanks so much!