Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Snow did not slow them down!

Building one should have folks actually moving in very soon but three of the six units are models.

Still I think it will be good to have folks finally living in Riverdale Park Station, even if it is only a few people.

They have not started on building three yet.

Building two is coming along at a fast rate.  Seems the snow did not slow them down at all.

Compare this picture below to the one I took earlier this month in this post:

Amazing they can get this much done in just 2 weeks time.  Also they only went vertical in mid-February it is even more amazing how much they can get done in 5 weeks time.  I am guessing considering sales are going so well they have a lot of incentive to get finished with building two and started on building three as soon as they can.

I am glad construction is moving so quickly because not only does this mean we get to move in sooner but also this means the hiker/biker trail may open sooner than expected.  The Cafritz website said the Hiker/Biker Trail would open:  "once they determine that site conditions are suitably safe from dangers associated with the immediately adjacent construction activities. ".  

The faster these units get built the faster the hiker/biker trail will open which will be good for metro riders like me.   Until that trail opens I will have to walk or bike around to Baltimore Avenue which will be much longer.

In addition, there has not been a new commitment to the retail side of Riverdale Park Station since the fall of last year.  Getting these housing units completed and the Whole Foods opened should draw more retail commitments which should in turn draw even more interest and demand into the remaining housing units.

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