Thursday, April 13, 2017

Building three went vertical and the Gold’s Gym frame is up.

Of course I had to stop by the Whole Foods today..  

It was still jam packed on day two with only a few parking spots open and police directing traffic.

The Whole Foods is great but I was more happy to see the progress on the other buildings.   The commercial building that will host the Gold's Gym had not been started last time I was there and today the entire metal frame of that building was up.  (see below)

The second townhouse building (Building two) is coming along nicely.  This is how it looked today.  (see below)

The third townhouse building also has finally went vertical.   From the looks of it I am thinking they went vertical last weekend (4-9-17) as I was there late last week and it had not started yet and now they already have the bottom level in.  (see below)

We have our pre-drywall walk through tomorrow and hope to have a firm May closing date after this meeting.


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