Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Closing Date Set:

I was worried we would not hit our lease end date of 5-31-17 when we had our pre-drywall walkthrough on 4-14 when the project manager said that closing is usually 45 days after the walkthrough.  (which would have put us closing on 5-29)

Looks like ours will be 52 days after the pre-drywall walkthrough on June 5th.

We are a little disappointed since in early March we were being told early/mid-May would be possible…but the original closing date we were told back in February when we signed the contract was late May/early June so it appears it will end up hitting the original target.   So we can’t complain too much.

Had we not asked them to fix the items found in the inspection (which took 3 days) we may have made it, but I would rather have it right even if we have to wait.

So we will be wandering about and/or staying with family for 5 days, but we will find a way to make it work.  Luckily we have figured out quite a few good options even if things go longer for one reason or another.

I was happy to see so many comments from other folks who have already bought in Riverdale on the last post.   Please continue to share any information you have on your process.   I heard the rest of building two is closing throughout the month of June.

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