Sunday, April 2, 2017


Friday, 3/31 the Starbucks opened so I swung by yesterday to take a look.

I was surprised that every table in the Starbucks was full.   Considering the Starbucks is the ONLY thing open in Riverdale right now I thought I would be the only person there.  I guess a lot of people just wanted to check it out.  Folks were parking at the Whole Foods which does not open for 10 days.

Here is another picture from right in the middle of what will be considered "Village Square" once it is completed.

The second building is coming along nicely and the pre-drywall walkthroughs for that building are scheduled to start next week. (Week of April 10th)

Here is what building two looked like yesterday from Village Square.   Remember from the siteplan:  ( that you will not be able to see building two from Village Square as there will be a large apartment building in between these two.

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