Monday, June 12, 2017

No internet service, no mail service, no trash service.

Both Verizon and Comcast are saying no internet will be available at Riverdale Park Station for quite some time.  Comcast is saying at least 90 days and Verizon will not even give a date.  Stanley Martin is saying Comcast should have already been available as of last week and should be ready any day now but that is not what I am hearing from Comcast.  I am hoping Stanley Martin has better information than I do from a higher source.

The mail apparently does not get delivered here as well.   I got the issue raised to the postmaster and I should have something back from them this week according to the source at the post office I spoke with.

There is also no trash service…. At least there are dumpsters around from construction.

I am not sure how the two folks that closed a few months ago in building one have been making do but maybe next time I see one of them outside I can ask.

I figured being in building two would mean I would not have to deal with these types of issues but it appears the building #1 folks are extremely patient.  :)

Ahhh the joys of being early....


  1. Wow - I wish you speedy internet, trash, and mail service! We are eagerly awaiting the completion of our home (building 3) but we really need internet access. I hope it doesn't take 90 days. I work from home some days so I can't even imagine moving in without internet access.

  2. Oh No! I close this week. I hope these issues get resolved soon. Have they given you an estimation on trash service?

  3. wondering how Starbucks has internet and the homes don't.

    1. Good question... I am surprised how long it will take. Even more surprised there is no mail service.

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