Monday, February 20, 2017

Why Riverdale? – Part 2 of 5

Item #2:   Distance and walk to College Park Metro:

Our building is only 0.56 miles away from the College Park metro stop.

The actual walk will only be 0.83 miles once the hiker/biker trail opens.

More important than the distance of the walk is the safety of the walk.   

Currently we are renting only 0.4 miles from the Brookland metro stop in DC but the walk is not safe for my wife especially after dark.  There have been many muggings and robberies even in the past 2 years since we have been here.     

The hiker/biker trail through the Calvert Hills neighborhood although a bit farther of a walk (0.8 miles) seems like it will be a much safer walk through a very nice neighborhood.   

Everywhere we looked that had a walkable metro stop the safety of the walk was a concern.  Although nothing is perfectly safe, it seems to me this should be a huge positive for Riverdale.


  1. Nice blog! My husband and I live in UP, so I'm eager to see how this area progresses. FYI (before I had a baby last year and altered my commute), when I wanted exercise after work I often took the Metro to College Park instead of PG Plaza for the pleasant and quiet walk on the trolley trail. I always felt safe walking alone. You'll pass a mix of college students (closer to the Metro) and and residents out for a stroll.

    1. Glad you like the blog. I plan to update it every couple of days from here until at least July so please follow. Your comment was the vibe I got from the area as well. It seemed very safe and I wouldn’t have any problem having my wife walk home from there. As a contrast today on my walk home(I am still in DC) I saw the police investigating a robbery that just taken place.

      Thanks for your input on your personal experience.