Sunday, April 30, 2017

Building Three Update:

They have started on the roofing of building three now.  Building two all that is left to do on the outside are some minor touch up things like the sides of the dormer windows.

Building three looks to be exactly where building two was in early March.  This means if they are following the same pace on building three that the closings should take place for those units in early August.

Interestingly it appears they have not even cleared the land for building four yet so I am not sure what the timeframe on that one will be.

I would like to see the commercial building that the going to be across the street from building 2 and 3 begin soon (the apartment building and parking deck) so that they are not building it for a really long time while we are moved in there.  It does seem like more materials are starting to stack up there so hopefully they begin that soon.


  1. Thank you for sharing the progress on building 3! Since I am not local I do not get to enjoy the building process. Your blog helps to fill that gap. #19 is my little pie in the sky :) look forward to meeting you and your family!!

  2. In the large apartment or condo building that will be next to Golds gym and also the townhomes, will there be retail on the ground floor?

    1. Yes. Two retail establishments yet to be determined. See the plan here: