Thursday, May 4, 2017

Construction Update:

Building #2 is in the same spot it was last week... completed on the outside but missing some external finishing touches like the dormer windows siding.

Building #3 is actually a bit further along than I thought it would be:  

I asked about what is going on with building #4 and they told me they just got the permits finished last week and are now selling building #4.  I did not take a picture as there is nothing visible yet but I saw they were working on that area.  

Another note is the Whole Foods is finally as crowded as you would expect a normal grocery store to be on a Thursday night.  It seems the initial hype has tapered off but it is still doing well. 

Also Unit #3 which is in building #1 which was available when we were looking is still for sale.  We did not choose that one even thought we wanted to move in sooner because it is directly next what will be the models at least for 18 months.  Still it is a Parker with most of the structural upgrades and good amount of design studio upgrades so I think they will move that one soon to someone who does not want to wait for building #4...  

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