Saturday, May 27, 2017

Construction Update:

Building two looks completely done now with even the small details taken care of.  (which is good since we are closing next week)

Building three has now been wrapped and appears to still be almost exactly two months behind building two.

Still nothing at all down at building four.  I would think if they were going to be keeping the spacing of completion of the buildings the same that we should see building four go vertical in early June which would mean that one would be finished in October.   

There was a lot of progress on the retail buildings recently.  

This is the front of what will be the office building (on the top level) and the MOD Pizza and District Taco...   Notice the "Riverdale Park" they just added.  You can see the new clock tower on the right side of this picture as well.

This is the back of the same building, what will be the MOD pizza.  Exterior looks completed.

This is the front of the Gold's Gym building... the retailer for this one has not been announced yet.  (listed as "under negotiation")

And here is a picture of the Gold's Gym itself.   A great deal of progress on this in the past 2 weeks.

It's all coming together but I am thinking it is still going to take a while to get these things open for business.  Building out the interior of even the completed buildings is going to take a few months at least.   I will attempt to get estimated opening dates for these businesses and post it to the blog.  I would be shocked if Gold's was opened before 2018.  We may get the Burtons, District Taco and MOD Pizza in Fall 2017 though.


  1. "Everything's looking good, I like the way that this area has been planned out. Slightly confused about the lengthy fence in front of the Riverdale Park Building.
    It's definitely hard to say whether or not Gold's will be open sooner than 2018 but I will keep my fingers crossed along with you!"

    Kendra Tran @ Leco Conrete Forms

    1. I think there is no hope for 2017 for Gold's but let's hope for first half of 2018.

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