Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Lull in the blog and in Riverdale Park Station

There really has been zero news out of Riverdale Park Station recently.   Building three looks roughly the same as it did on my May 14th post except the roof is completed and building four has still not went vertical.

It appears there is still one unit left for sale in building three and it says it is for "August Delivery" which means building three is closing in August as we thought.  They removed the "for sale" sign in front of the "Move in Ready" unit in building #1 but it's still listed on the website so I am not sure it is sold yet.   Possible the website just has not been updated.

I am surprised we have not had another retail announcement since the Whole Foods is now open as I thought we would hear something in May but I guess when the buildings are not even ready for a tenant yet and there are only 2 townhouses in the community being lived in retailers are not going to be jumping to sign leases.

It appears they are putting the finishing touches on the first two retail buildings so I am thinking we will see one of them next, probably the Burton's will be the next thing to open.   They turned the tower coming out of the Burton's building into a clock tower which I like.

Although there has been a lull in this blog the last 10 days and I have seen the web traffic fall off it's about to pick back up as I have my walk through next week on May 31st with our closing on June 5th.  

The entire building two is closing in June (11 units) which should bring Riverdale Park Station to life.
I will post pictures of our selections once I have my computer hooked back up!


  1. When do you think Gold's will open?

    1. I sent Gold's an email asking. I will post about it if I hear back.

    2. Thanks for following up. I'm moving to the neighborhood this week. Excited for all the new development!

    3. I have dates for everything except Golds... I will post soon, currently between homes. :) Thats awesome that you are already moving in.