Saturday, May 13, 2017

Sidewalks to Albion Road:

Folks in the blog comments were asking about if they would build the sidewalk to Albion Road.  

Until the Hiker/Biker trail is open this is desperately needed as folks cannot get to the metro without walking on Route 1 and as the reader mentioned even if the Hiker/Biker trail is open this sidewalk SHOULD be built.

Currently there is around a one block gap where the sidewalk ends for Riverdale Park Station and the next road intersects with Route 1.   (see area in red below)

On the new website they recently added this information:

Pedestrian Access:

"Sidewalks will be installed along the entire property frontage of US 1 and along the WMATA property frontage from the Cafritz Property to Albion Road."

So good news that they WILL be building this to make the community more walkable.  No timetable was given but good to know it is planned.

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