Saturday, May 6, 2017

Other Riverdale Park related websites:

On the “Riverdale Park Station Info” tab of this site I already linked the most important Riverdale Park Station related links:

Those sites are the retail leasing agent for the community, the developer for the community and the builder for the community.

But some other sites I have found in my constant trolling for more information are:

New website the developer put together regarding transportation around Riverdale Park Station.

They go long stretches without posting anything (3 posts total from December to March of this year, no posts at all for 7 months last year) but they have been posting some really good information about Riverdale Park Station recently and also have been posting more lately.   I’ve been visiting this one more often over the last few weeks.

Another “google blogger” blog like this one that is updated on a very regular basis and has good info about local events by a lady who is local.  I found this one from a comment posted on this blog.

Hyattsville Newspaper website.

Prince George’s Newspaper website

Town of Riverdale Park website.  Good for general info about the town.

Are there any others that I am missing?  Please let me know in the comments.   

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