Saturday, June 24, 2017

Observations 20 days in:

Found somewhere with internet outside Riverdale for this post.  :)  

Obviously it is a bit disappointing that some of the basic stuff you would expect like mail, internet and trash still are not there but these are some other things I have noticed.

First, although the hiker/biker trail is officially closed it seems everyone is using it.   There is a barrier there but directly to the side of it there is a PVC pipe a few inches off the ground which is the “barrier”… So many folks have went that way that there is a trail worn through the grass.  I think they are not officially opening the trail since the construction is going on in the area but maybe they don’t care if folks use it.

The walk to the metro is about 0.7 miles and since I walk fast I usually am making it to the metro in around 15 minutes.  It’s a great walk through a great neighborhood and there is tree cover/shade most of the way.

The metro ride to Capitol Hill does take a bit longer than I expected as the ride from College Park to L'enfant Plaza is around 30 minutes.  The train is usually a quarter full at the College Park stop though so I get a seat and even when it reaches L'enfant it is still not packed.   I was taking the Red Line in the past few years at the same time of day and a lot of days a train would show up so full that no one could even get on.  College Park IS losing the Yellow line next week due to metro cuts… so we will have to see what impact only having Green Line at College Park will have.

I’m very happy with the townhouse overall.  There are a few selections I wish I would have done differently but overall it’s great.  I will detail some things I think I did right and some things I missed with my selections in a later post so hopefully I can help folks down the road.  We are still working very hard to get settled in and get the right furniture in the right places.  Getting even furniture delivered when your address does not exist has been a challenge.

I will post more construction pictures later but most of the building three exterior is finished now.  It is looking like that one is on track for August closings.  Finally I am seeing they are putting in the foundations down at building four, if we follow the same timeline that would be late October/November for building four closings…  Late last week I saw they started prepping some of the land down for some of the later buildings, seems they may start getting ready for foundations down there at some point soon.  I did hear that they just stared selling past building four...

Speaking of selling, Unit 3 in building one (a Parker) is still for sale and one Dawson down in building three is also still for sale.

More updates to come....


  1. Just found this blog -- nice chronicle of RPS! If you're going to the Hill, why not use MARC? It's eleven to fourteen minutes to Union Station, and a monthly pass is $135 (or $6.75/day if you go in 20 days a month).

    1. Thanks Adam... I did try the MARC and the commute time ended up being the same (45 minutes total) since the walk to my work from Union is one mile. But since the metro changes have ruined the green line I am taking MARC more often this week. Just have to time it right to catch the MARC...

    2. Ahh, WMATA. Good thing MARC is feasible; the connectivity options do come in really handy. I always took the F4 bus from Hyattsville to Silver Spring (before becoming a full-time telecommuter) -- but was really glad to have the red/green lines when the 2011 Commutageddon storm hit and roads were gridlocked for hours.

      Thanks, btw, for the tip on the trolley trail. It'll be real nice to jog and bike up there someday.