Monday, July 3, 2017

Retail Opening Dates for Riverdale Park Station:

Here are the retailers opening dates I have been able to gather.

These are the estimates that the companies provided to me in their words. 
  1. Burtons  -  “Early November of 2017”
  2. District Taco – “Before the end of 2017”
  3. Jersey Mikes – “Early 2018”
  4. Habit Burger – “Mid-2018”
  5. Hyatt House Hotel – Early 2020   (listed on website) 
I asked the other retailers that are coming as well but did not get answers from Gold’s or MOD.

If I had to guess on those two based on the other information I have received I would say that MOD would be 4th quarter of 2017  (in the same building as District Taco) and mid-2018 for Gold’s Gym.


  1. Upon further review the Jersey Mike's date they gave me has to be wrong as that building is not even up yet.

    1. These dates are much further out than we anticipated. Buidlings 1 & 2 are ready for interior work so I wonder what the hold up is. My wife and I anticipated Burton's being open by the end of August. A little dissapointing.

    2. Yea I was disappointed on that as well. Burton's said the interior build out will take a while and didn't start till June. I saw the Comcast store interior is almost finished. It is going to be ironic if the Comcast store opens before we have internet. :)

    3. Jersey Mikes is now going to the building that is already done.

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